Independent Evaluators FAQ


Note: Any “steps” or “how-to” mentioned are referring to the website being used on a computer {not the phone app}.

If you are having issues with the ISS phone app, please contact ISS Make sure you provide them with full detail, including What you are trying to do, a step by step of how you got to the area you are on the app, and what is occurring.


How and When do I get paid?

The client disburses by PayPal only.

Payment is sent out 45 days from when the shop has been edited {aka “approved”}. Under special circumstances dictated by the client, reimbursements may be handled differently and sent out earlier than 45 days. In such cases, this will be noted in the shop notes. To re-review the full payment policy please log into ISS, go to the “Provider Contracts & Policies”, and click the “View Contract” button for Mystery Shopper Services, BMA, and Customer 1st. If you have any further “payment” questions, please contact Emma in our Accounting Department at


Why does it take up to 45 days to receive payment?

1} Clients may not review your report for 30 days. When they get around to reading it, they may send it back stating what has been reported was not true, according to their video surveillance or after talking to the associate evaluated.

2} Unfortunately, in this industry, we do run across fraudulent individuals/activities. Meaning a person takes shops, then submits false information to try and get paid. These types of people are immediately banned and reported to all companies in the industry.

3} Anything that is not done correctly on a report, makes the report incomplete, which means the client will not disburse for it.

Due to the things mentioned above, the client does not disburse immediately.


Why does my payment show “Pending” or “Not Paid” next to it?

If it shows the word “Pending” or “Not Paid”, it simply means the client has not yet disbursed you for the shop. If you’d like to re-read the payment policy, please follow the steps below:

Log in to

On the left-hand sidebar, scroll down, then click on “Provider Contracts & Policies”

Scroll down the page to look for our company name, then click on “View Contract”

Scroll down on the document and you will see full detail under “Payment Policy”


Log in to the ISS platform make sure you have an active PayPal email address tied to your ISS profile.

Nobody from our company will contact you if this is missing. If you complete a shop for us and you fail to have this inputted, client disbursement will never be sent. It is your responsibility to have this inputted and inputted correctly.


How do I check to see if my PayPal is in my profile? OR Where do I go on the site to update my PayPal?

Log in to

On the left-hand sidebar, scroll down, then click on “update extended profile”. There you can review or update your PayPal.

If you do make any updates, please make sure to click save.


I can’t see the sidebar, what do I do? I’m trying to click on the form section and it’s not opening, what do I do now? {or any similar issues}

Our #1 suggestion is to first try a different browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

If using a different browser isn’t successful, please contact us.


I’ve completed my evaluation; how do I submit my shop?

Log in to

Click on your “Assigned Shops”

Click on “Complete Shop”

Scroll down and you will see each form section.

After filling each form section out, make sure to click “Finalize”. The Finalize button is something a lot of shoppers miss. For it to be viewable in our “Finalized” file, please make sure to press that.

If for any reason the site does not allow you to press the “Finalize” button it’s because something was missed on the shop and the system should notify you on what that is. If you need further help, please contact us.


How long does it take for somebody to review my shop?

 If you filled it out and clicked “Finalize” successfully, your shop report will be reviewed within 72 Business Hours. Keep in mind our business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm PST.

For Example: If you turn in your report after 4:30 pm PST on a Friday, the 72 Business Hours would start on Monday.


Do you have any tips to help me turn in an acceptable report?

Make sure your yes/no answers match your comments.

If a yes/no answer you pick marks them down in score/points, and it’s something you can explain in further detail, please do so in the comment section.

For example: If the question asks, “Was the restaurant clean?”, and you answer “no”. Please provide detail on what was not clean about the restaurant.

When describing associates, never input weight, body type, race, or skin color, unless the form specifically asks you for those exact details.

There are many other ways to describe an associate, including gender, height, hair color & style, what they were wearing {top, bottoms, shoes, accessories}, if they wore glasses or not, etc.

Capitalize the beginning of your sentences and wherever else this applies.

Do not type in all caps.

Do not abbreviate, full words should always be used.

Use periods at the end of your sentences.

Make sure the Date and Time for “Shop Started” and “Shop Completed” are correct.

Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Make sure there is the spacing between your words and sentences, they should not be scrunched together.

All comments provided should be unique. No copying and pasting the same information into multiple comment sections. If you have multiple shops, no reports should read the same.

Never refer to previous visits or shops in the report. You should only be reporting on the current evaluation.

Do not input conversations you have had with our team into your report. You should be reporting on the evaluation only.

If your shop involved a purchase, make sure you input the correct amount and place the decimal in the correct place, so you are reimbursed and reimbursed correctly.

The client should be able to read your report and get a clear picture of what took place from the beginning to the end of your evaluation.

Always keep your wording professional. The clients and sometimes their employees {that you evaluated} will read these reports.

Remain as objective as possible.

Avoid subjective comments and very personal opinions.

No personal opinions, facts only.


If your shop requires Receipts / Photos:

Never submit a photo from the internet or a photo that you did not take. This will get you banned immediately.

You can scan or take a photo of your receipt to submit.

Photos should only be taken during the date and time your shop is assigned. You cannot go back and re-visit because you forgot to take a photo.

Make sure all photos are clear and of good quality.

All photos should be submitted upright. If they aren’t, please rotate them, so they are. If there isn’t a rotation option on the device you are using, please rotate them in your photo library before uploading them into the report, so that they are upright.

Never attach the same photo more than once to your report. It should only be submitted, once where specifically asked on the form.

If your shop involved a purchase, make sure all information on the receipt is clearly visible, including date, time, purchase amount{s}, and location address.

Double-check to make sure the location address on the receipt matches the location address tied to your shop.

You can listen to/review these same tips here!


How does one get restricted or banned?

A reminder that you are an Independent Evaluator (and not an employee). We can place a restriction or a complete ban at any time, without a reason and without informing you. Below we’ve provided common reasons behind restrictions/bans.

If at any time you have an attitude, rude tone, use foul language, make threats, do anything inappropriate or along any of those lines, during a shop or with any of our team members, you will be completely banned.

If you don’t complete the shops that you sign up for, a restriction or ban could be applied.

If you don’t turn your shops in on time, a restriction or ban could be applied.

If you turn in shops that are not acceptable and we are forced to make the corrections {spelling/grammar errors} for you, a restriction or ban could be applied.