Do consumers read customer reviews?

 Do consumers read customer reviews?

Do you read customer reviews before making a purchase online?

I do. In fact, just last night I read dozens (yes, dozens) of reviews before purchasing a pair of jeans from an online-only clothing brand. And don’t even get me started on the number of reviews I read before buying anything kid-related (There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to crib mattresses and balance bikes, am I right?!).


A recent convert to online shopping, I had imagined that I read more reviews than most consumers. But, according to a survey published by, 54% of online shoppers read reviews for everything they buy, and more than two-thirds of consumers read reviews before making a purchase of more than $20. Only 5% of respondents report that they don’t read any reviews, regardless of what they buy.


How many reviews are shoppers reading?


The study suggests that most shoppers read at least three reviews before buying a product online, with 27% reporting they read 10 or more. Interestingly, 39% of online shoppers report that businesses need over 100 reviews to be trustworthy.

Trolls, competitors and negative reviews

Despite an admitted reliance on reviews, not all customers are confident in the validity of online reviews. In fact, respondents believe negative reviews could be written by competitors (38%), online trolls (36%) and disgruntled former employees (32%).

Personally, I’d love to see if the respondents of this survey are writing reviews for products they’ve purchased. (It will be a task on my to-do after my new jeans arrive.)


I personally feel if I see a response from the company about a negative review I tend to overlook that review and also have comfort in knowing the business escalates customer concerns.

Seeking customer feedback

Overall, American consumers find real value the feedback of fellow customers. Or, as Huy Nguyen, digital marketing executive,, put it in a press release, “Consumers rely on the shared experience of others, who may be in a similar situation, to learn more about these products and how they may work for them.”

While I’m not a researcher, I do feel comfortable predicting that customer reviews will become even more vital for brands as we continue into the future of e-commerce.


I’m also an advocate for businesses that respond to good or great reviews with a “thank you”! Apparently Google is also and advocate since that is one of the factors that moves a business up on the Google search page.



The study included survey results from 1,250 American adults 18 and older. The survey was administered by online survey platform Pollfish on May 17, 2021.


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