Engage in Community Outreach to Thrive in Business

Engage in Community Outreach to Thrive in Business

Effect change and inspire others with your work in the community and the community will return the favor.

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The ability to thrive in today’s complex society requires entrepreneurs to embrace their social responsibility and engage in community outreach. The impact of social issues on businesses, reputations and community relations cannot be ignored, as such issues have a direct correlation with company success.


The external environment in which a business operates, as well as the strategic decisions it makes, has a direct impact on its ability to succeed. Whether you operate a local business, an internet-based enterprise with few or no local links or a multi-location enterprise, the success of your business is dependent on community support.

Purchasing decisions have become increasingly influenced by community support and brand values in recent years. Supporting companies that are invested in and engaged with their communities is important to potential consumers and business partners.


Entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to build strong relationships with their local communities, offering various advantages to both parties. Cultivating a culture of community service in your business endeavors has a variety of benefits than just the ethical and social implications.

  1. Cultivating Entrepreneurs 

Giving back to the youth in the community creates a long-lasting positive impact between your community and your brand. By integrating youth outreach into your business, you emphasize your company’s commitment to the local community.

This was evident from my analysis of Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammad, the Founders of Oasis, a Real Estate Investment and Development company that focuses on creating transformational change in underserved, low-income communities.

Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammed presents Oasis Build Program students $10K to start their own business after one year completion.Photo: Na’il Ali


Among their initiatives are a “Build Program” that teaches young adults and youth in Los Angeles and Chicago’s inner cities how to start their careers in real estate and buy property.


“It’s very important for us to invest in our communities because if we don’t put in the work, no one else will,” said Amir.


Local youth can gain crucial experience by acquiring skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience, innovation, self-discipline, teamwork and networking abilities. Effective youth advancement initiatives can benefit your company not only in terms of enchanted skill sets but also in terms of producing high-performing talent that will benefit your neighboring communities.

  1. Increased Employee Morale and Customer Loyalty 

Employees feel a sense of loyalty to companies whose values are shared and have a positive purpose. Involvement in your community is an excellent way to cultivate a positive business culture and connect in a meaningful way with your employees. Aside from enhancing employee morale, it can also help employees learn new skills.


When a business is active within its community, customers and clients are more likely to buy its goods and services. Consumers support companies that do community outreach and develop a sense of loyalty to them. There have even been cases where consumers have supported a business that supported their neighborhood at the expense of their convenience.

John and Pamela Gregory The 2022 Financial Wellness Summit with Earn Your LeisurePhoto: Kevin Rigby

  1. Community Advancement and Positive Change

Even though it might seem obvious, community outreach can have a positive impact on your local community, as well as the world as a whole. As businesses contribute to local growth and change by bringing members of the community together, creating jobs, innovating, creating economic growth and investing in the community, they can positively impact the local economy.


Focusing on community outreach work, John and Pamela Gregory are inspirational to me through their Wellness Initiative, which has provided free health screenings to thousands of Ohio residents. In nearly 25 years of being in business together, they have raised millions in funding, helped over 50,000 families and provided employment opportunities for over 10,000 people of color.

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