Internal Audits Made Easier with the MSS Internal Audit APP

In recent months, we have completely redesigned the Internal Audit System. The new features of our internal audit system now allows you to efficiently and effectively conduct your internal audits with ease and accuracy.

Now consistent, precision monitoring of your business operations to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory expectations is easier than ever. The dynamic internal auditing system makes conducting manual audits obsolete.

The advanced data collection tools available through ISS are now available for mobile use in the field with online and offline capabilities. Your results will be delivered alongside the Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction data.

The result of this innovation is a truly comprehensive view of your entire organization, from the inside out.

Authorized auditors can go into the field with any number of evaluations in hand and move back-and-forth between evaluations with ease.

Going underground into a freezer? No problem.

The iSS Audits app continues to capture data even while offline. It re-syncs the moment it reacquires a connection.

Field auditors now have geo-tagged images, date and time-stamped responses as well as mobile and desktop co-integration.
In combination with the Team Action Module, the audit results can trigger custom Action Plans, ensuring everyone from employees to outside vendors are notified of any issues and tasked with correcting them.

The ISS Audit system seamlessly integrates for use on desktops, laptops and all mobile devices, both on and offline.