—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Matthew Steven” <>
Sent: Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 7:18 AM
Your application has been received, reviewed and approved by our Human Resource department. Your information and address has been processed into our system. It is a pleasure to inform you that you have been cleared as a Survey Agent with our company. Due to an increasing amount of clients, time constraints, and overall work volume, you will first start surveying the walmart stores in your neighborhood.

As a reminder, every activity as a Survey Agent remains confidential between you and your employer. The company reserves the right to any and all documentation and information which you gather on behalf of the company. Please confirm (Acknowledge) receipt of this email, by responding back. You will be contacted with detailed instructions about the assignment one it is being sent out through the mail to you.


There was also an attachment which is below:

One of our financial sponsor company has issued out a payment to you for your First Assignment as a Mystery Shopper which means your payment of $600.00 has been issued to you with some funds which you will use in executing your first Assignment.
Please Read Below Carefully.
The envelope entails a check in the amount of $2800 which you are expected to use in handling the survey assignment by following the above listed procedures and You are to conduct the survey at Wal-mart store that is close to you because wal-mart had reports about lapses in the services of some of their outlets and some of their staff, the complaints are based on reports forwarded anonymously by customers and phone calls, which were also made to the head office. Some Wal-mart stores were reported for evaluation for the below reasons:
— Customers have reported money missing.
— Slow services.
— Unbalanced transfer charges.
— Rudeness to customers.
— Late opening time and closing before time.
1. Deposit the designated check at an ATM/Bank for instant payment or wait 24hrs for the check to processed.
2. Once the funds has been made available to you, you are to deduct $500 the first assignment fee that you are handling.
3. The remainder $2200 is to be taken out. Locate a Wal-mart store that are close to you and make use of Wal-mart-To-Wal-mart transfer service from the store or Money gram money transfer service. Also deduct the transfer charges from the $2200

4. You are to buy any electronics with $50 from your pay and this electronics belongs to you.

5. Here is the details that you will send the funds to using both money transfer service at the Wal-mart.
Receiver Name : Alexander Jonathan
Address : 14536 Bbrownsville St
City : Houston
State : TX
Zip Code : 77015

6. Observe how long it took you to get services :
— Smartness of the attendant.
— Customer service professionalism.
— Find means to get the agent upset in other to see how they react to clients when they get tensed (under pressure)
7. Email your report.
Your mystery shop evaluation will be carefully reviewed by our editors and proofreaders team. These individuals ensure that all information is entered correctly and according to the client requested parameters and that all statements are factual. Once scores are tabulated, individual store reports and detailed summary reports are forwarded to Store Managers, District Managers, Regional Managers, and our client’s corporate headquarters. Store Associates very often see your reports, so it is very important to be fair, honest, and objective when completing the engagement.
PLEASE SEND YOUR COMPLETE SURVEY REPORTS BY EMAIL TO and also text the report to the Resource Manager Mathew Steven (805) 232-3416