Respond to Social Media Reviews With Social Media Tracker

How Social Media Tracker Works

Charles Stiles, President of Mystery Shopper Services, has been testing a new service to help businesses protect their brand and reputation online with one easy app. He says, “The Social Media Tracker empowers businesses to manage their brand and reputation online by quickly responding to social media comments, positive or negative.”

Why take the time to follow comments on social media?

Most owners or managers are not paying attention to social media. They are often too busy or don’t know how to respond to negative comments.

Negative social media can destroy a business. Be aware of what’s being said, correct problems, and respond to comments quickly.

In one case, a chain kiosk style restaurant received a health code violation. It was posted online. While the problem was corrected, consumers didn’t know. The business suffered.

The Social Media Tracker tool Mystery Shopper Services is offering in partnership with app developer ReplyPro allows businesses to protect their brand with proactive responses.

How can businesses track every comment made about them on social media?

Without the Social Media Tracker app, a business can’t possibly track everything.

The tracker polices every online commenting platform from Travelocity and Yelp to Facebook and Twitter.

Every time the business is mentioned, managers, or anyone designated, get an alert delivered to the smart device(s) with the app previously downloaded.

Here’s an example:

A new Google review was found for XXX Italian restaurant at XXX location.
Review by Vincent J.:

“This was probably one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever visited. Had to remind the waiter two times that I still didn’t get my drink. After that the food wasn’t good at all. The garlic bread was maybe mediocre but everything else wasn’t good at all. It tasted boring no spice. And after all in the end the waiter was literally crying for tips after this horrible experience. Can just end this with DO NOT GO THERE! ”
Star Rating: 1.00

What’s the best way to respond to social media comments?

A positive review is an opportunity to say thanks and perhaps offer an invitation to come back.

If a manager or owner quickly responds to a negative post with an acknowledgment and request for the person to come back, in many cases the person will take down the bad review and acknowledge the response.

With the Social Media Tracker, you get real-time information and the chance to respond across all appropriate social media outlets.

How does the Social Media Tracker work?

The Social Media Tracker downloads to the smart device(s) of choice.

Management determines who within the organization receives the email alerts.

A listing of social media comments made about the business and replies from within the organization feeds to the Mystery Shopper Services dashboard for easy reporting and sharing among management teams.