Scam Alerts

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Mystery Shopping is real. Find legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies by visiting MSPA-NA

You can check our legitimacy by visiting the MSPA website.
We are listed as one of the MSPA “Member Companies”, under “Business Evaluation Services”

To be a member, there is an extensive form that’s filled out and fully verified by the MSPA.

Some things included are:
• Proof of Business (i.e. articles of incorporation, insurance records, or business license)

• Three client references (complete with company name, contact name, email and phone number.)

• List of all business owners.

We also agree to the MSPA-NA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.


Avoid Scams
Always go to the MSPA website to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

Scammers are using our logos, names, even using our official site info, to appear legit. Beware of anything that looks suspicious.

Red Flags: Receiving Payment or Somebody Offering payment before you’ve conducted a shop. Anybody asking you to deposit checks, make a deposit, or wire money.

• We will never send you a check. Our Company {Mystery Shopper Services, BMA, and Customer 1st}, pay by pay-pal only. Any other form of payment is not from us.
Scammers/Hackers use “spoofing” sites to steal your identity. Basically, it’s a shadow copy of the true website.

• If you have any questions for us, manually type our address into your URL bar or call and speak to us live at 1-888-300-8292.

Anything that sounds too good to be true, in most cases is.

If you believe you have had contact with a scammer, you can report it to the National Consumers League and Federal Trade Commission.

We also recommend contacting your local news agencies and the attorney general office.