Digital Comment Cards

Mystery shops aren’t the only way to obtain high-quality feedback – our Digital Comment Cards can give you potentially unlimited* data direct from your actually customers. Using smartphones (or any internet-enabled mobile device) customers can provide you immediate, real-time feedback while on-site!

Better still, turn your Customer Satisfaction Initiatives into increased business by offering digital coupons in exchange for the feedback – providing a powerful incentive to return again soon. Paper-based comment cards are fraught with problems, from dubious data and low participation to the time and money compiling them – but digital changes everything.

Best of all, they are inexpensive. Imagine: getting an always-open customer feedback AND a marketing campaign, both for less than the cost of a single direct mail coupon.

And if you are using comment cards in conjunction with a Mystery Shopping program, you can trend questions across channels and see both your customers and professional evaluators feel about the same metric.

Benefits Includes

  • Incredibly Low-Cost
  • Instant On-Site Feedback
  • Repeat Business/Returning Customers
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Demographic Data Collection
  • Ability to Update Forms Instantly
  • Potentially Unlimited Cards per Location
  • Brand Visibility (your business appears on users smartphones)