Live Surveys

BES has developed a partnership in a call center located in Jupiter Florida. Within this call center we conduct a variety of market research projects including live guest interviews. Our call center reps will call your customers to interview them about their guest experience during their visit.

The surveys are custom scripted to ask the specific questions you would like to ask your customers. Most importantly, the calls are handled as if you were calling the guests yourself. Our survey representatives conduct their interviews as if they were a representative of your company inquiring about their satisfaction of the service they received. By taking this approach the customers are generally appreciative of the call unlike traditional telemarketing calls, exit surveys, and market research studies.

Most surveys consist of approximately 15 to 20 questions and take 6 to 8 minutes per-survey on the average to complete. Therefore they are not lengthy or intrusive, and the participation levels are generally very high.

For each wave of guest satisfaction surveys, BES will have your company submit an excel sheet containing contact information for the guests that have visited one of your locations within a specific time frame. BES will run the list through the database to ensure there are no duplicates and that the customers on the list have not recently been contacted or surveyed.

Once the list is ready, the survey associates will attempt to contact each individual on the list until the quota for each location for the current wave has been reached. Once the survey quotas for an individual location have been achieved, BES will notify you that no additional customer information is needed.

As a portion of the survey process, BES records 100% of the calls for quality assurance purposes. As a portion of the reporting tools, a wave file of each call will be made available on the survey dashboard along with the completed survey.

Additionally, the dashboard will include key measures derived from the rating questions (including an overall rating for each location), and a net promoter score, all broken out by location, by region and for the combined locations. The key measures include charts of the summaries, in addition to the tables which can be shown as mean scores or percentages. Additionally, the data will be grouped by each wave allowing you to compare each wave to one-another as well as track your on-going progress.