Web Surveys

Web survey

Like the “smart phone” surveys, the web surveys can also be customized to each market or promotion and divided between the various areas of service.

There are a couple basic options when administering these surveys; they can either be re-active or pro-active. The main difference is in how the customers are recruited to take the survey.

A reactive measure would be a customer completing a survey based on a recruitment they would receive requesting them to complete a survey. This could be by a live operator conducting the surveys, or by way of an email or text message they might receive requesting them to take part in the survey.

As a pro-active measure, it is based on the customer initiating the survey by seeing the survey option posted somewhere such as a table tent within the store like the smart phone application, or by having a web-link printed on the receipt which asks the customer to take part in your survey.

Following is an outline of the options available for the web-based surveys for each option you may choose:

Email Solicited Web-Surveys

email web survey

If you are collecting the customer’s email information, we can create a custom email campaign that mirror’s your branding to appear all solicitation is coming from your company. We would then send each of the customer’s this customized email recruiting them to take part in the guest satisfaction survey. The email will include an embedded link that would take them to the survey. The survey would also be branded to mirror your company brand for consistency. They would then complete the survey, and all information would be captured on-line, as well as sent to you by way of an automated email in a PDF format for immediate viewing. Also, we can create an automatic reward for each person completing the survey, by pushing them a special coupon (i.e. free item, buy 1 get 1 free, ½ off item etc.) through email for them to print off and take with them.

We would recommend making it an offer you would not mind them re-using, or sharing with friends etc. to drive more business.

Cash Receipt Solicited Surveys

As a second option that can be ran independently or collectively with the email-surveys, we can work with you to print a web-address on the back of your cash receipts that your guests can use to log-on and take a survey. This would be the same link that we would use for the email solicited surveys and would work exactly the same.


web link

Another option that we can provide is to work with your web-developer to place a link on your website that directs your guests to take part in a survey. This link would take them straight to the survey and would also work like the other options mentioned. The surveys would be completed and then sent to you by automated email in a PDF as well as being available on your on-line dash board along with the other surveys and mystery shop results.