Competitive Shopping

In addition to shopping your own stores or products, BES can also conduct competitive mystery shops.

There are typically several reasons companies chose to do competitive mystery shops. This ranges from understanding how their services and products compare to that of their competitors, what their competitors have to say about them when they know they are in a direct competitive bid, or how their prices compare for similar items.

Most commonly, companies are interested in learning how their services and/or products compare to their direct competitors., allowing them to better understand how their services , products , and pricing is perceived and/or compares that of their competition.

For this approach we recommend shopping your competitors utilizing the exact same criteria and forms as you use for shopping your own locations. This allows you to have a side-by-side comparison of how each area of service compares to your competitors.

When conducting these types of shops we generally recommend that the shoppers are not made aware they are doing a competitive study, but rather just shopping another client of BES. By taking this approach, you eliminate any potential bias that may exist with the shoppers knowing who the client is.

When the data comes in, you can then analyze the data and compare each area of service /product/pricing to determine what opportunities may exist for improvements or changes, as well as what some of the best practices are of your competitors so you can take advantage of these practices and improve your own services.

Whatever your reasons, BES will work with you to customize an application to ensure you are receiving the information you need to make actionable decisions.