On-Site Mystery Shops

On-site mystery shopping is one of the most traditional and effective methods for gathering feed-back on your guests’ experience. Through the use of on-site mystery shoppers, you can gain in-valuable insight into how your customers feel about doing business with your company as well as their overall level of satisfaction of the customer service they receive from your employees, and how likely they are to do business with you in the future.
Unlike customer surveys, you can direct the shoppers on what departments they should visit, what items they should buy, how they should behave, what questions they should ask and what items they should inquire about.

As a portion of our shopper preparation for each assignment, we provide the mystery shoppers with what the guest satisfaction experience should look like in an ideal situation based on your non-negotiable standards for service so the actual experience can be measured against those standards.

Additionally, we can require the shoppers to take photos of specific items, receipts or signage so you can see the actual conditions during their visit rather than just reading about them. This feature allows you to validate the information and provide visual feedback to your employees.
Like all other services, Mystery Shopper Services will work with you to custom design a program around your specific needs and unique standards for doing business to ensure the information you receive back is accurate, reflective, and useful for making changes and implementing training.