Price Audits

We offer, without question, the best Price Audit system on the market. Engineered by, and for, large corporate clients to deliver data the way they demand it. No other platform comes close.

The single greatest difference: our system ties all data at the product level in a real-time, filtered, historical database. Everything you want, all in one place, automatically compiled and available on demand – all the time.

Better yet, we give you, the client, control over it all – manage and maintain your images, SKUs and everything else. You can even build and deploy campaigns without your MSP’s involvement, saving you time and money and eliminating errors.

It’s your data, in your format, available on demand whenever you need it. Never again wait for a campaign to end and the data to be manually compiled before you can see it and act – now you can see the data as it arrives – and make business decisions faster than your competitors.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time data (see it, and take action, as it arrives)
  • One-click access to searchable, historical product database
  • Automatic report compilation
  • Client control over products and campaigns
  • Set upper and lower prices tolerances
  • Require price tag/bar code capture for control
  • Anonymous: Conceal your brand from shoppers and competitors
  • No need for pivot-tables or custom roll up reports
  • Faster, better and more accessible data