Increase Company Awareness

Notify Your Staff About New Reviews

With Reply Pro, your managers and staff can be notified every time your business receives a new review. Adding your staff will increase company awareness about positive reviews, negative feedback, and reviews that mention employees by name.

Why Add Your Staff?

  • Increase company awareness (most of your staff doesn’t know when you get new reviews)
  • Your staff wants to read reviews (they just don’t have the time to search every day)
  • Your staff will provide better service (increased awareness also increases quality of service - because every customer might be the next review they read)

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Your Online Reputation Matters

Improve Your SEO

If your business ranks well on review sites like Google Maps, Yelp, and Facebook, you will

  • Get found. Local businesses with a good reputation rank higher on search engines
  • Save money. Managing review site profiles and responding to reviews is a quick and free marketing activity that yields measurable results

Increase Customer Trust

Businesses that actively manage and respond to their reviews receive the following benefits:

  • Higher trust - Consumers trust businesses that have good ratings, listen to reviews, and care about feedback
  • More leads - Consumers are more likely to spend money with businesses they trust

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Case Study: Bardenay


Before using Reply Pro, Bardenay did not respond to reviews. Now, they respond to 89% of new reviews


Since using Reply Pro, Bardenay’s Yelp traffic has increased by 57% compared year-over-year


Bardenay has experienced a 20% increase in Yelp leads (calls, messages, clicks for directions, etc.)


Since joining Reply Pro, Bardenay has seen a 97% increase in total reviews compared year-over-year

Reply Pro has not only changed how our company sees social media reviews, but the ways in which we interact with our customers. My managers can see all reviews in one place and respond simply to all of them in a matter of minutes. We are able to respond to complaints and to fix issues as they arise as well as thank our fans. Our response rate has gone from under 10% to over 90% in a matter of months. Reply Pro is an indispensable tool in this social media age.

Joely Rhodes, COO of Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery

Our Reputation Management System

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