One of the most important aspects of choosing a “Mystery Shopper Company” is determining how that company will be providing you the information once it has been collected, and more importantly, the timeliness of this information.

BES offers one of the most robust and dynamic reporting systems in our industry. As a quick overview of the reporting process, the shoppers enter their reports into the chosen BES on-line reporting system immediately upon visiting your stores. The systems are designed to require the shoppers to answer each of the questions in their entirety, and provide a great deal of commentary; communicating their overall experience aside of the Yes/No answers.

Once the assignments have been completed and submitted, they are then reviewed by our internal quality review team to ensure the shops were done correctly, the information is accurate, and have proper grammar, spelling and good content.

Once the reports are approved, you (or any number of other managers) instantly receive a copy of the completed audit reports in a PDF format by email. Additionally, we have a host of other on-line reports available which help you further analyze your data. Following is just an example of benefits of our reporting system:

  • Robust yet user-friendly dynamic on-line functions
  • Automated email delivery of mystery shop reports in a PDF format to designated management
  • Photos, videos and wave files can be up-loaded and attached to the reports
  • Customized email messaging based on the overall score of an individual shop
  • Ad-hoc reporting with the ability to drill all the way down to a single location and report
  • Ability to export data for further internal analysis
  • Results over various periods of time; reporting by question and by category
  • Overall YTD analysis by location separated by various channels, levels, or in ascending order
  • Monthly graphical executive summary reports detailing what areas of service need addressed
  • Customizable email distribution list by restricted access
  • Multiple sorting options on both drill down and mystery shop reports
  • Ability to order new customized reports and features
Real-time Graphic Dashboard – with gauges, charts, executive summaries, trend graphs and so much more, clients can view their data their way.

Five-Level, Custom Hierarchies – Corporate, Division, Region, District, Location (and all combinations thereof) plus custom tiers for unique client needs.

Drill Down Reporting – Drill from the corporate level, all the way to individual location reports complete with all attachments (images, audio files and more).

Advanced Filtering – Clients can filter by date, date range, shop type, campaign, top and bottom performers and more. They can run detailed, question-by-question analyses; compare data across the entire platform (shops, price audits, digital comment cards, etc.).

Co-Branded Dashboard – When the clients log in, they see their logo on every page.

Data Portability & Flexibility – within the dashboard, clients may compile pdfs, email reports directly to anyone and export their raw data to Excel so they can manipulate and review their results in-house, any way they want.

The Bottom Line: It’s all about the client. So BES has deployed a Reporting & Analytics Dashboard with our client’s needs foremost in mind.