Time Well Spent – Reenergize Your Team

In both our business and personal lives, energy and time are two commodities that we desperately need yet sometimes lack. Finding that perfect balance takes more than just good scheduling. It requires a dedicated approach to spending each of them wisely as well as a complete understanding of goals and priorities.

Since the busiest social season of the year is just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about how best to conserve your energy while getting the most from your limited time – and that includes making decisions about how to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of articles focused on two ways customer service is both rated and improved. First, there’s the overwhelmingly popular survey approach. In fact, when was the last time you were handed a receipt and not asked to take a survey? The goal of the miniature “how’d we do” method is to inform the business about elements that can be improved. But here’s the problem: inadequate or complicated follow-up systems.

Simplified Follow-Up with Actionable Recommendations

Unlike most survey systems, Mystery Shopper Services’ dynamic reports bring weaknesses to your team’s attention, so you can remedy the problem in a timely manner. They also give you an opportunity to engage your employees in the art of customer service more frequently. And that brings us to the second and more pressing concern regarding your time: retraining.

Is Retraining Really the Best Way to Improve Customer Service?

Keeping customer satisfaction levels high often requires a commitment to helping your employees stay at the top of their game. Perhaps you already have an action plan designed to provide retraining opportunities at designated intervals. The importance of retraining employees goes without dispute. Some corporate trainers recommend that employees should be retrained as often as every four months. Yes, you read that right. Every four months.

Their logic is simple. To maintain a consistent level of service, refreshing your employees’ understanding of your expectations is key. While we like the reasoning behind this approach, we believe there’s a better way to keep everyone sharp and focused.

Reenergize Your Team and Achieve Consistent Results

One of the best ways for everyone to remain on the same page when it comes to customer service is to use mystery shoppers frequently. Instead of holding retraining sessions three times a year, you and your team can meet weekly or monthly to review Mystery Shopper Services’ results. Together, you can share areas of concern and also empower and invigorate your team by passing along praise for jobs well done. Instead of feeling like they need to relearn something, your team will feel energized by being included in the process. By keeping them in the loop, they’ll remember what to do and will do it without being told. They’ll also appreciate the enthusiasm you have for keeping customers happy.