Trading In Those Static PDFs for Dynamic Reports

Put a Dynamic Document to Work

For years, PDFs have been an industry-wide reporting tool, but software capabilities, just like your needs, evolve. Traditionally, PDFs and spam filters are at odds with one another, and the documents consume vital storage space. These unwieldy files take time to generate (let alone regenerate), and because they don’t update when changes are made, their static nature confuses readers who view different versions simultaneously.

Up-to-the-Minute Reporting

Get ready for reports in real time! Mystery Shopper Services’ dynamic reports arrive in your in-box as immediately viewable links that update in real time for every user. In short, as more shops are completed in a given period, the graphs, gauges, rankings, and widgets update to reflect the new information – live – on the shop report itself! Click here to view a full-screen report.

Want to review the reports on your mobile device? No problem! They display flawlessly, so no more launching PDFs on a smartphone, then expanding and collapsing the page to see the data. Our graphic design experts elegantly crafted clean, modern, and intuitive reports to present data optimally every time. These were made with mobile in mind because you shouldn’t have to be at your desk to know what’s happening with your business.

The Power of Choice

And if you still need to turn the report into a PDF, all it takes is one simple click. Quickly convert your information and email the report anywhere you want it to go with the push of a button.
Always Working to Bring You the Best

We continuously strive to deliver exceptional products in order to help your staff provide the ultimate customer experience. Watch for upcoming announcements, improvements, and enhancements in our service.