Who We Are

Business Evaluation Services is a full-service market, guest satisfaction and compliance audit company. We specialize in mystery shopping and guest satisfaction measurement services for nearly every industry.

Business Evaluation Services was founded by the current President, Charles Stiles. Charles comes from a background in retail; owning several retail gourmet food and gift stores in national malls for over 8 years. Quickly realizing the only way to differentiate his stores and stand out from the competition was to develop a consistent service culture and create a process for measuring the success of the training that was implemented. Through this process in 1996, Business Evaluation Services was founded. Today, BES is an International Mystery Shopper Company with over two decades of experience, serving a variety of industries.

BES has always had the goal and mission of developing partnerships with each customer they serve, ensuring the data they receive is accurate, actionable and reflective, with the overall goal of providing its customers with the information they need to drive sales, and develop a strong service culture within their organizations.

BES has been an active member of the Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MSPA) since 2001. Over the year’s Charles has been an active member including being an executive on the board of directors as well as serving on various boards. Charles is also very active on the legislative committee, and has attended nearly every meeting in Washington DC with the congressional teams to help protect and preserve the industry, and to fight for the independent contractor rights of the mystery shoppers.