Team Action Module

Drive Compliance

Mystery Shopper Services specializes in data collection for every industry. However, sometimes collecting data and understanding what is taking place, or discovering what needs attention, is not enough, you need action and to create accountability for areas in non-compliance. That is where the Team Action Module comes in.

The Team Action Module is a supplemental tool that can be used in combination with mystery shops and internal audits. This is a tool that was designed to capture and report any area of non-compliance that you need to be alerted to immediately. The system is so sophisticated that you can develop an automated action plan and alert a specific department manager of a non-compliant issue in which they are responsible for correcting. Once alerted, you can create a rule that requires correction within a specific amount of time. Additionally, the Team Action Module tracks the history and makes a permanent record of every non-compliant concern, and how they were corrected, as well as who was responsible. Watch the short video and learn how the Team Action Module can help you create accountability, while removing the stress from having to track it manually.