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Charles Stiles

President and Founder of Business Evaluation Services
Host of Food Network's Mystery Diners

Training – Sales, Motivation, Customer Experience
Consulting - Customer Service, Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Brand Reputation
Key note Speeches – Customer Service, Sales, Building Brand Ambassadors, Restaurant Industry Growth, The Impact of Social Media on Your Business


Why is ensuring your employees are properly trained so critical to the growth and success of your organization?

The first thing to recognize is that your employees have the greatest impact on how your customers perceive your services or products, and how they view the level of customer service offered to them. Ultimately this will dictate if they choose to do business with you, and what message about your business they communicate to the world through social media.

Therefore, the growth and success of your company is tied directly to the growth of your employees. Investing in your employees and providing proper training will help ensure they are communicating with your customers the way you want them to, and that they have the proper skill set to provide the level of service your customers expect. Investing in your employees will provide a huge return on your investment, such as increased employee morale and confidence, customer satisfaction, sales, productivity and profitability.


Charles Stiles has been a leader in world class customer service development and training since 1993

Charles owned, managed, and grew numerous retail gourmet food and gift shops with world-class customer service. In 1996, his success led to the creation of one of the most respected and comprehensive mystery shopping and business evaluation companies in North America –Business Evaluation Services (BES). In 2014, BES acquired two of the most notable brands in the industry (Customer 1st and BMA). Collectively BES services a growing cadre of national and international clients, such as Disney, Microsoft, Sketchers, Subway, Pepsico, Performance Foodservice, Facebook, YMCA, and many more.

As the host of Food Network’s Mystery Diners, he continues to elevate the customer service evaluation industry by bringing awareness to the importance of customer service to business success. Charles speaks nationally on customer service and culture building topics to leaders and the media. Charles has been an active member of the Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MSPA), since 2001. Over the years, he’s served on many MSPA committees, including Chair of the Public Relations Committee, the Vice President, and was elected as the President of the MSPA Americas for 2018 and 2019, and will also sit on the global advisory board.

Understanding your customers and how they wish to be served is the first step in the sales process, once you understand your customers, you then have an opportunity to truly serve their needs.

Whether you have already implemented a training program and want to audit the success of the training, or if you are finding that your employees are lacking motivation, not providing the level of service you expect, or producing the sales you desire, let us consult with you to determine what areas of opportunity exist for increasing customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

We can assist with:

  • Improving your on-line brand reputation
  • Boosting your social media reviews
  • Developing a strong sales and service culture
  • Improving accountability and productivity
  • Creating service standards that exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Developing a world class mystery shopper program to ensure your service standards are in compliance

Key Note Speeches

As the internationally recognized host of Food Networks Mystery Diners, Charles will entertain your audience while captivating them with powerful messages through humor, education, and practical applications on how to elevate the customer service experience and drive business success.

Keynote speeches are not only about great content, but great entertainment as well. Charles offers incredibly powerful keynote speeches to corporations, organizations and associations which are customized to fit each client’s specific needs and industry. When it comes to connecting with the audience and creating an entertainment experience Charles is sure to be a crowd pleaser as he is always connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. Charles is considered one of the top-rated speakers at any event he attends, and is generally invited back multiple times speaking on a variety of topics. Some of the key note speeches include: Customer Service, Sales, Building Brand Ambassadors, Restaurant Industry Growth, The Impact of Social Media on Your Business.

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