Crowd Sourced Solutions

Mystery Shopper Services provides another option to collecting data (MSS Spot Checks) while delivering superior and more flexible solutions than other crowd sourced providers.

Crowd sourced solutions are perfect for projects where large sets of data are needed, budgets are a consideration, and the actual information being collected on each audit is minimized.

As an example, if you have 500 stores and need to audit at least 100 locations to have enough data to validate that a new product is stocked, displayed properly, and the marketing material is present, and a couple photos to prove everything is correct, then crowd sourced audits are a much more cost effective solution to traditional mystery shops.

How it works

MSS has over 900,000+ registered and experienced mystery shoppers in our database. Our clients provide us with the locations, the questions to audit, the overall goals and parameters, and our experienced project management team sets up the project and puts it out in the field. The shoppers are notified of the available audits in their area by way of push notifications to their smartphones or email.

The shoppers determine if they are interested and available for the audit, and can then schedule themselves instantly. The shoppers conduct the audits, answer the questions and upload any required photos, and submit their audits for either review or instant delivery depending on the client’s direction.

The client benefits by the ability to access the largest crowd sourced database in the industry with experienced professional mystery shoppers, low cost audits, and a quick turn-around time.

Differences Between MSS Spot Checks and Other Crowd Sourced Solutions


  • MSS has over 900,000+ registered professional mystery shoppers
  • MSS shoppers are professional shoppers that conduct not only spot checks, but are experienced at conducting full detailed mystery shop reports
  • Agents can use any channel: smartphone, apps, mobile web, home computer – not just apps
  • Share questions with all other data collection channels (traditional shops, comment cards, surveys)
  • Reporting and Trending (all channels together)
  • Data Validation – photo fingerprinting, shopper fraud scores, etc
  • Ability to ban/restrict shoppers
  • Ability to require demographic criteria
  • Ability to supplement Spot Checks with alternate data collection methods in one place
  • Auto publishing/republishing assuring the total number of data points needed are collected

Field Agent

  • Field Agent has over 400,000 users
  • Field agents are consumers that have downloaded an app and may or may not have any data collection experience
  • They are limited to smartphone users (app-only)
  • No email notification, cannot offer reimbursement/purchase required assignments
  • Expensive for forms over 1 question in length
  • Cannot supplement data with ‘traditional” shops, digital comment cards, surveys, etc)
  • No run control to ensure a total number of data points will be collected